Case Study

The Oyster Club

Located on Temple Street Birmingham, Adam Stokes’s new seafood focused restaurant

What challenges or needs did the client face in their industry and why did they choose you?

They needed one contractor with a big enough team to deliver in a short lead time which we have done provenly over the years.

During the implementation of the solution, what were the challenges and how did you work with the client to deal with them?

Planning and consents was difficult and the landlords requirements had to be adapted several times during the project.

When did you start the project and how long did it take to complete?

The project commenced on 7th January and was completed on 29th March, totalling twelve weeks.

What business processes did your solution enhance and how has the client benefited?

A quick turn around, and project management which developed a short programme on site, saving rent through being able to start trade quicker.

Have you taken on any extra work/projects on the back of the solution you provided?

Yes, two more projects with the design team Faber due to the success of this project.


Testimonial from the client