Case Study

The Big Build

Approved stepped in and completed the project and delivered the results for Free@last's Big Build project

What challenges or needs did the client face in their industry and why did  they choose you?

The customer had started the project with a large builder who went into administration part way through the project.  They did not honour the contract and the client was at a loss to find a contractor they could trust, and credit worthy.

During the implementation of the solution, what were the challenges and how did you work with the client to deal with them?

There was a lot of work that had been carried out that was sub-standard, incorrect and did not conform to building regulations.  The challenge was to correct all of these works whilst trying to keep all costs to a minimum.  We had to work with the client to analyse all of the costings and prioritise to meet the funding.

When did you start the project and how long did it take to complete?

We started in August 2017 and finished in December 2017 and this was a big contract to fulfil in this period with a value of £1.35 million.

What business processes did your solution enhance and how has the client benefited?

We implemented strict project management and regularly monitored all costings with weekly meetings on site with our Quantity Surveyor.  We also went out to market with suppliers and contractors in order to get the best rates.

Have you taken on any extra work/projects on the back of the solution you

We carried out additional works due to the savings that we had made which included fitted furniture, kitchen equipment, external works etc

Testimonial from the client

“Spencer Turner gladly took on a mammoth job of free@last’s Big Build. Spencer chooses projects which he knows he can deliver outstanding quality and results.

The whole process was thankfully taken out of our hands by Spencer and something that was taking another company 12 months to complete, took Spencer 18 weeks. There were no problems too big (and we had many to overcome!) and his attitude throughout was exceptionally positive. He metaphorically held our hands all the way through, so at no point did we need to worry that he couldn’t complete this project and build on time, giving us a centre to be proud of.

There is no-one else in this industry who I would recommend, other than Spencer and his team of professionals.”

This was a particular difficult project to manage from the start as the previous main contractor had not paid several of the sub contractors so it proved difficult to get other contractors on board and gain their trust.  There was lots of cost cutting exercises done by the previous managers that had not been thought through and had a knock on effect.  In the end all guarantees were supplied and full building control approval gained.