Case Study

The Bracebridge

Waterside restaurant refurbishment based in the heart of Sutton Park

What challenges or needs did the client face in their industry and why did they choose you?

A short lead time was the challenge, and being an old building, the scope of works got bigger. They chose us because we have a track history of delivering on time.

During the implementation of the solution, what were the challenges and how did you work with the client to deal with them?

Lead times from usual suppliers which resulted in us having to find alternatives and create alternative finishes and features.

When did you start the project and how long did it take to complete?

The project commenced 25th February, and was concluded on April 5th (a total of six weeks).

What business processes did your solution enhance and how has the client

Manufacturing over weekends and evenings to make the opening date.

Have you taken on any extra work/projects on the back of the solution you provided?

Yes with the same client for additional works with the builder who couldn’t due to their work load.


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