How to increase retail footfall with your shop design

How to increase retail footfall with your shop design

Increasing footfall is at the heart of the expansion plan of any retail business and is vital in achieving long-term goals and maximising profits. But getting your customers off the streets and into your store is one of the trickiest aspects of retailing, so how can you use design elements to encourage more custom? Here are a few ideas you might like to consider…

  1. Spruce up your exterior

First and foremost is the attractiveness of your retail space, and this has to begin outside of your store. The outside of your premises can be a huge draw for passing customers. Remember this is the first impression anyone has of your store so you must make it count. As well as making sure windows and paintwork are clean and tidy, make sure your company name is prominent and all signage is clear. You might also choose to decorate your exterior with pot plants, window boxes, or a couple of tables and chairs if you’re an eating and drinking establishment.

  1. Keep your window display fresh

Obviously, your window display is a huge factor in bringing in random custom from the street and your display or displays need to be as attractive and as imaginative as possible. They also need to be topical and to change with the seasons. You should really be changing your window display every few weeks, making sure that any seasonal elements are replaced just as soon as the season passes. If you’ve still got Halloween branding in your window on Christmas Eve, then your lack of attention will put off a great many potential customers.

  1. Leave the door open

You’d be surprised how much a difference is made by something as simple as making it easier for people to enter your shop. Leaving your door open can make you seem much more approachable. It also offers the opportunity to attract your customers in different ways. If you sell something that has a particularly attractive aroma, for example, an open door can have a huge effect on business. It also allows you to reach people with music coming from inside, although you need to be careful about putting people off too. Keeping the door open also allows makes it much easier to move your business out into the street…

  1. Expand into the street

You are not necessarily limited to your shop interiors. A great way of increasing footfall is by moving some of your products, or at least a sample, out onto the pavement outside your store. This is a great way of building brand awareness, getting people involved in a conversation and giving people much more of an idea of what you do and why they should step inside your store and start buying.

  1. Make sure your branding is clear

A clear brand ensures that new customers know what they can expect from you. Stores with no clear identity are a huge turn-off to customers who need to know where they stand before they enter your establishment. Very few people have the time to risk walking into a shop which might not be what they’re looking for. So, make your brand and your purpose distinct from the outside.

Follow this advice and you’re sure to have more people coming into your store. Once inside of course, you need to make sure they feel comfortable enough to hang around and eventually make a purchase. For any advice on how your store can invite, retain and convert passing trade, give us a call at Approved Shopfitting and Interiors today. 01922 453589.