The latest retail shopfitting trends

The latest retail shopfitting trends


Approved Shopfitting & Interiors is a creative specialist interiors company that provide the best quality shopfitting and refurbishment to a massive range of different clients. From conception and design through to implementation and total project management, we create bespoke fit-outs and refurb projects and we guarantee a top-quality service. We work closely with other craftspeople and with the clients themselves to make sure we fully realise their vision.

We also make it our business to keep up with all of the latest trends in shopfitting, and as we move ever closer to 2017, these are the trends we can see continuing to grow in popularity….

* Raise the Roof. Or at least the ceiling. All over the world, ceiling heights are starting to go up, by anything between ten and forty per cent, or basically as high as is reasonably possible. High ceilings are well-known for creating atmosphere, contributing as they do to the acoustic and aesthetic appeal of a room and generating a subconscious sense of freedom in customers. They also encourage them to wander the store freely and happily, more comfortable and in many cases, less oppressed by thoughts of time or budgetary constraints.

* Talk to the Tablet. More and more retail outlets are opting to enhance the customer experience and increase shopper engagement by use of staff tablets. Indeed, traditional point of sale hardware is well on the way to becoming obsolete as an increasing number of business owners are turning to mobile devices. This means many stores are ditching traditional point of sale desks, creating additional in store space, which in turn creates flow and changes the whole atmosphere of the shop floor.

Tablets can save space in other ways too and to this end are being used by more and more stores to showcase products that would otherwise take up too much space on the shop floor. These product displays allow small retailers to massively expand their range of products without the necessity for their physical presence.

In store advertising is another area where digital technology is saving money and changing the face of shop floor retail. Rather than the traditional, often single-use printed signs and special announcement banners or flyers, business owners are choosing instead to showcase their special deals through use of digital technology, either using tablets or larger displays.

* Embrace Social Media. Many of the trendiest shop interiors these days are doing everything they can to embrace social media. This means not just having active and ideally engaging Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, it might also mean building a ‘social wall’ in store, where customers can share their interests or maybe their purchases with your social media channels.

Obviously, this depends what kind of business you run and what kind of customers visit your shop. In some cases, it won’t be appropriate. However, if you have anything to do with technology or media, you’ll know that social media is not going anywhere soon and if you haven’t already, it might be time climb aboard and embrace the future.

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