Top Tips for a Great Office Refurbishment

Top Tips for a Great Office Refurbishment

There are a great many reasons why an office refurb might be exactly what your business needs. It may sound like an expensive endeavour but it can also be an excellent investment and a source of a great many valuable tangible benefits. These benefits include:

* Increased employee happiness and productivity. It has been proven time and time again that improved working conditions give a huge boost to employee morale and consequently improve output and productivity. Of course, it makes perfect sense that the more comfortable and inspiring someone’s work environment, the happier they will be.

* Increased efficiency of use of space. An office refurbishment will help you avoid clutter and make full and efficient use of all of your office space.

* Improved company image. The way your office looks is a reflection of your attitude towards your work. If your office is cluttered, cramped and messy, clients who visit you will not be impressed. This is where an office refurb can change people’s opinions of your business and end up gaining you clients.

* Health, safety and security. Having a modern office also means keeping up-to-date with various processes and procedures and rules and regulations connected to health and safety and issues of security. Not only is this advisable, but it’s very often a legal requirement.

* The environment. An office refurb can mean implementing processes, architecture and technology that is much more environmentally friendly than that which you currently have, meaning you reap all of the rewards that going green entails: helping to protect the environment; boosting employee morale; attracting clients.

Helpful hints it is important not to forget

Office refurbishments can be complicated and costly, especially if you don’t go with the right company, so it’s important to always keep certain things in mind:

* Make sure your new design fits with your business. Make sure it reflects your philosophy and fits with the space and shape of your building. Make sure it is in line with regulations and fits within your budget.

* Make sure your new design leaves room for growth. As well as fitting with your business as it currently stands, your new office also needs to be able to adapt for future changes, so it pays to be innovative and focussed on the future.

* Choose your furniture carefully. The furniture you choose for your office is just as important as the office itself.

Approved Shopfitting & Interiors is one of the leading providers of office refurbishment and fit-outs in the West Midlands. We specialise in every aspect of office design and refurbishment and have a sterling reputation for creating top quality, high-end work-spaces and office environments.

Once you have an idea of what your new office requires, consult with your managers in HR, IT and admin. They may all offer important information and ideas that had not occurred to you.

Then you’re ready to give Approved a call and get your office refurbishment underway. Contact us on 01922 453 589 today to discuss your office refurb requirements.

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