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Office Refurbishment

Approved Shopfitting and Interiors are one of the West Midlands’ leading Birmingham office refurbishment and office fit out experts. We specialise in all aspects of office design, office refurbishment, office fit-outs and office relocation. We are renowned for creating high end office environments which enhance the way you and your team work.

Our highly experienced team of office designers and office refurbishment specialists have extensive knowledge about how good office design and fit-out can improve your business performance and profitability as well as helping you to retain and attract key people into your organisation.

We will work closely with you to create the perfect office space for your business and we have created the following checklist which will pose those key questions you need to answer to get the most out of your office space.

Your Checklist

A Birmingham office refurbishment has a variety of benefits, from improving the first impression your clients get when they visit, to motivating your employees to work harder and more efficiently. Before you get started, it’s important to know what you want your office refurbishment in Birmingham to do for you.

Is your current office out of date?

Most businesses change frequently until they find a set-up that works. You might have more staff than you thought you would, or you may have found that less is more. Some companies find visiting clients out of the office is more effective, whilst others prefer having an inviting reception area to encourage clients to come in and talk to you about their needs.

Does your office support and motivate your staff?

Cramped working conditions or too much noise can create an unfriendly atmosphere, and an unprofessional office gives the impression that employees don’t need to work very hard. Change your office, and you’ll change your employee’s mentality, creating a hard-working, motivated and efficient work force. You might also have additional requirements, such as parking or storage needs.

When considering office designs, think about what would serve your employees best to allow them to serve your customers. If your offices are too noisy, you should consider partitioning the office, and for offices lacking room try spreading people out, and encouraging staff to walk to each other’s desks to communicate. Approved can help you to incorporate your needs into a stylish, professional design that will boost your business, and keep morale high.

Does your office represent your brand?

Take a few minutes to think about your brand, and where customers would expect you to work. If you advertise yourself as a colourful, fresh brand, model your offices using modern designs and plenty of colours. More traditional branding requires a more traditional design. Your brand should be central to your whole business – including your office.

Have you considered health and safety guidelines?

Your current office, and your new office refurbishment, will need to obey the various health and safety laws in place to protect employees and create a safe workplace. There is a great deal of legislation on these issues, and guidance on how to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law, but business owners don’t tend to have much time to dedicate to learning a new topic. Leave your legal requirements in Approved’s hands, and you’ll have a compliant office without the stress.

Once you’ve developed a rough idea of what your new office refurb needs, consult your managers. HR managers, IT managers, and Administration managers. They can all add important information that you’ve forgotten, or didn’t think about. Next, set your budget, and start talking to an office refurbishment company. What are you waiting for? A new office could boost your workforce and your customers.

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